TDA Market Potentials Estimation

Industry/Global Market

It has a very large potential global market and huge profit will be generated from this industry.

Estimated $700+bn from global market by 2025. $278b expected from dietary supplement market by 2024, $397.9b expected from organic food & beverage market by 2025 and $ 98.5b expected from medicinal cannabis market by 2025. The industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis business are focus on the diversified area such as food, beverage, personal care and nutraceuticals and CBD usage on the pharmaceutical.


Main Growth Drives

Solid infrastructure support

Established and dedicated farm for industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis growing with licenses granted for growing and manufacturing of industrial hemp. Water rights secured and infrastructure built and ready for farming, with first crop expected in September 2019.

Solid distribution channels

Cross industry focus around CBD (food/ beverage, personal care, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical products) Advanced sales channel to China, Singapore and Canada.

Advanced Research & Development

Strong R&D capability including world class research team. Advanced research on liquor format of CBD dissolving 100% in water.